Rise of IT Automation, Uncertainty for Engg Graduates

Software companies dramatically improved their ability last year to earn more revenue while employing fewer people, reflecting the major transformation underway in a sector that has created a new middle class in India.

While the development is good news for information technology companies, it is also a warning sign for employees in the software industry and for students looking to make a career in an industry that used to hire thousands of employees every year.

Between April 2013 and March 2014, the IT industry added only 13,000 employees for every billion dollar of revenue, according to data from software industry grouping Nasscom. During the year to March 2013, it needed 26,500 employees.

“We are moving up the value chain, getting more dollar for every hour of work. And more automation of existing work means we are hiring less and less to achieve the same growth,” said Achyuta Ghosh, head of research at Nasscom.

From about 4 lakh employees in 2000, the Indian IT industry has grown to 30 lakh professionals and become the career of choice for graduates in search of lucrative salaries and overseas posting.

While revenue has increased from $8 billion at the turn of the century to $118 billion (Rs 7 lakh crore) now, the pace of change in technology and processes has accelerated in the recent past.

Infosys and US-headquartered Cognizant have partnered with automation specialists such as IPSoft while Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and HCL Technologies have built automation tools in-house. Continue reading


Get positivity : a state of our mind, into your life

Despite believing to have a positive outlook, we invariably weigh the cons first, consider several times before sparing a compliment, and broadcast only the odds when someone counts on us for advice. What’s more, we prefer needless sarcasm for humor, manage a wry smile when something is genuinely funny, and believe deep down that the glass is actually half empty.

We live in denial of our inherent negativity for the most part, and often wonder why the world around is so mean and reckless. At work, we never fail telling our juniors how meeting deadlines can be a tough proposition, and not to think too ‘out of the box’ to impress the boss. In short, we never tire telling all concerned how tough things can be! Unlike dogs we may not be born eternal optimists, but positivity is something that can be imbibed even if a tad forcibly; such as by trying to tweak our sense of humour, the way we react to a given situation, by being more pleasant and believing others too have a mind, and by smiling each time somebody says ‘thank you’.

Have the desire: First thing first, to become a positive person one must have a strong desire to be positive. And the desire will come only if you are convinced that becoming a positive person will enhance the quality of life. Possitivity is like an aura, and you know you are a positive person when people start trusting you, random people become polite with you, colleagues at work start patronishing you, and you start building rapport easily.

Be realistic: Do not try to become a saint. Becoming a positive person does not mean you can never have any negative emotion or encounter any negative situation. It is the overall attitude that matters. Don’t get bogged down by failure, and disappointed when your expectations are not met. Mentally, you should always be calculating a way out of difficult situations come what may.

Experiment: Be a keen observer. Use everyday life incidents to see how you can manage them in a more positive manner. These will serve as perfect instances to turn your outlook more positive. For starters, contemplate how you could have better handled a situation by being less hostile and more indulgent. Come up with five ways that could have saved the day, and learn to take things at face value sometimes. Your ability to trust the other person also reflects your genuineness. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Mohit …

Happy Birthday Mohit ...

I listened first Mohit Chauhan song ‘Masaqkkali’ from Delhi-6. From that I am loving his songs.
He is really great singer.What a voice!!! what a tone!!!
Then i came to know his success of popularity reached a high from thr time of ‘Silk roote’s ‘Boondein‘.Then he stepped into world of playback singer of Bollywood industry….unbeleibable famous..unbeleilable perfomance he gave.We all loved the ‘Tum se hi‘ from ‘Jab We Met’.He got FilmFare Award for the best playback singer for “Maskali“.Then all his next numbers ‘pahli baar mahabbat‘ fom ‘Kaminey’,”tune jo na kaha‘ from ‘New York’…all his songs just mesmarises us till now.And his contribution to the song ”swash‘ from SRk’s big blockbuster JTHJ brings again the Mohit taste with sweet voice of Shreya Ghosal.And Ranbeer kapoor’s Rockstar’s songs became anthem at that time,he got best playback singer award for Rockstar in 2012.Many reality shows many college festivals are fille up with Mohit Magic…so that’s all the songs and collections I’m loving so much.